Carbon Cycle Chain

An essential component that is needed to protect, safeguard, restore, conserve
nature, its ecosystems, and biodiversity.



Our goal is to initiate a worldwide effort toward safeguarding and restoring nature and its terrestrial ecosystems.


Our aim is to shift the perspective and recognize global assets as catalysts for achieving ecological sustainability, which is essential for sustaining life on our planet.

Naturalizing economies globally by setting boundaries through nature.


  • Nature underpins human existence.
  • Decades of research on economic solutions for nature and natural assets has delineated that economic tools do not apply to nature.
  • Nature-based carbon credits have serious issues around their reliability.
  • Biodiversity credits open avenues for new approaches yet inflicted with the same challenges.
  • Technical approaches to climate change have demonstrated the potential and need for integrated solutions that combine emissions as well as climate resilience and adaptation encompassing the entire carbon cycle. Same applies for financial solutions.
  • Recovering forests regain only a quarter of carbon lost from deforestation. Hence, keeping, maintaining and protecting the existing forests is the most sustainable way forward.
  • Transparency, equity and inclusiveness are the foundations to a fair market.


Current climate change mitigation measures revolve around emissions only. Our approach focuses on the entire carbon cycle.

Rehabilitation of degraded ecosystems is considered as a mitigation measure, while conservation of ecosystems is unregarded.

Our science-based approach incentivizes conservation of existing ecosystems through economic rewards while penalizing degradation and unfulfilled commitments.

We engage directly with ecosystem owners, stewards and custodians, respecting their rights and ensuring a transparent, equitable and inclusive process.

Quantification of volumes
Legalisation, smart contracting
Issuance of vouchers
Trading vouchers

Carbon vouchers are blockchain-based certificates that quantify the carbon offset and form the bedrock for a transparent, equitable, inclusive market. It can be traded in the market, will demarcate the natural boundaries for economies globally, and help advance sustainable development agenda.

Our Team

Think unique and be innovative

We work with a small core team. We partner with national experts in the respective countries for implementation, legal and market matters. We cooperate with international experts on technical, monitoring and reporting aspects.

We are currently scoping our engagement in countries in Asia like Bhutan and Nepal.

Roland Treitler

20+ years professional career in environmental management,
15 years professional career in capital markets,
High level network in various regions (Europe, South East Asia, Central Asia, Middle East).

Manesh Lacoul
Management - Coordination

Blockchain enthusiast with strong network across Asia,
Working in the nexus of innovation, sustainability, and well-being; advising tech startups
20 years experience on sustainable development agenda.


Together, We Shine Brighter

Carbon Prices Today

Source:, Updated Daily

Click here to learn how carbon credits are priced.


Global Market Value

Area of Eligible (Terrestrial) Ecosystems


Million Sq. Km.

Current Nature-based VCM value

€ 65


Current Compliance Carbon Market value

€ 1600


Global Market Potential with CCC approach

€ 65-1600

Billion per year

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